50 General Knowledge Question and Answers

1. The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by -Jonas E. Salk
2. World AIDS day is observed on -December 1
3. Television was started in the year -1959
4. Where is the national Environment Engineering Research Institute located ? -Nagpur
5. National Science day is observed on 28th February to commemorate -The day of declaration of Raman effect
6. The science dealing with the study of the heart and its diseases is known as -Cardiology
7. When was the first Atomic Energy Commission set up in India? -August10, 1948
8. India conducted the first nuclear explosion in the year -May 18, 1974
9. What does the abbreviation ANERT stand for -Agency for non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology
10. The scientist who discovered that the earth revolves round the sun -Copernicus
11. ECG is an instrument used in the study of -Heart
12. Ecology is the branch of science which deals with -Balance of Nature
13. The district in which the central root research institute is situated. -Thiruvananthapuram
14. Rainbow is caused due to -Refraction and dispersion
15. What is the full form of LPG? -Liquified Petroleum Gas
16. Leaves are green due to the presence of -Chlorophyll
17. What drug does tobacco contain -Nicotine
18. What does talcum power consists of -Magnesium silicate
19. The main consistent of gobar gas -Methane
20. A gland known as the gland of emergency -Adrenal gland
21. The largest flower in the world? -Rafflesia
22. The smallest bone in the human body? -Stapes
23. The colouring substance present in bile -Bilirubin
24. The hormones helps to ripen fruits. -Ethylene
25. Milk is an example of -suspension
26. Which sector in India uses coal in maximum quantity? -Thermal plants
27. Who discovered Natural Radioactivity? -Henry Becquerel
28. The acid present in oranges -citric acid
29. The density of water is maximum in -4 degree Centigrade
30. The material used in the manufacture of lead pencils -graphite
31. Which bird found in New Zealand is uable to fly and has hair instead of feathers and a very long beak -Kiwi
32. Who found out Radio Activity? -Henry Becquerel
33. The instrument which is used for measuring blood pressure? -Spygmomanometer
34. What is always contained in amalgams? -Mercury
35. Decimel system of number originated in: -India
36. Father of cloning: -Dr.IanWilmut
37. According to WHO, the disease which causes the death of the largest number of people today is: -Tuberculosis
38. Hydrogen Bomb is based on: -Nuclear fusion
39. Liquefied Petroleum Gas consists of mainly: -Methane, Butane andPropane
40. Diamond is the purest form of -Crystalline rock
41.The exact copy of a written or printed message is transmitted to distant places through adevice attached to a telephone. What is it called? -Fax
42.The energy possessed by the water collected in the reservoir of a dam -Potential Energy
43.Bleaching powder is produced by passing chlorine over this substance: -Solid slaked lime
44.The most important raw material for generation of power in India: -Coal
45.Maximum yield of milk is obtained from ___ variety of cows -Red Sindhi
46.Deforestation causes the following: -Drought,flood and soil erosion
47.The most abundant substance on earth is : -Water
48.The unit of power is: -Watt
49.The world famous mineral region in India: -Chotanagpur
50.The gas which causes acid rain industrial area: -Sulphurdioxide