Today in Indian History - 25 Mar 2019

25-March-1609 - Henry Hudson embarks on an exploration for Dutch East India Co. at Pulicat.

25-March-1898 - Swami Vivekanand accepted Sister Nivedita as his disciple.

25-March-1898 - Dalpatrai (Dalpatram Dahyabhai Trawadi), modern Gujrati poet, passed away.

25-March-1905 - Mirza Rasid Ali Baig, famous Indian politician, was born.

25-March-1911 - L. D. Swamikannu publishes "Manual of Indian Chronology" in Bombay.

25-March-1916 - S. M. Pandit, famous painter, was born.

25-March-1920 - Sardar Sambhaji Chandrojirao Angre, politician and farmer, was born.

25-March-1927 - Leslie Claudius, India field hockey (Olympic-gold-1948, 52, 56), was born.

25-March-1928 - S. R. Kulkarni, leader of dock workers, was born.

25-March-1931 - 50 killed in riots in India; Gandhi assaulted.

25-March-1931 - Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi matyred in Hindu-Muslim riot at Kanpur. He was also the Editor of weekly 'Pratap'.

25-March-1933 - Vasantrao Gowarikar, space scientist, was born.

25-March-1954 - The first helicopter S-55 arrived ferried to Delhi. The Indian Air Force experience with rotary wing aircraft. It was indeed a 'red letter day' in the history of IAF a befitting gift on its coming of age ' when the first helicopter wearing IAF markings appeared at Palam in the form of a Sikorsky, S-55. Such a swift action, complete involvement and dedication on the part of the crew and technicians was the clear indication of the standards with which One-O-Four set about its tasks for others to emulate.

25-March-1958 - Yograjsingh Bhagsingh Bhundel, cricketer (Indian pace bowler early 80's), was born in Chandigarh.

25-March-1963 - Yagyawalk Bharadwaj, famous botany scientist, passed away.

25-March-1971 - Aashish Rakesh Kapoor, cricketer (Indian off-spin batsman 1994-  ), was born in Madras.

25-March-1983 - Modern oceanographic research ship of the world 'Sagar Kanya' landed first time in the sea.

25-March-1983 - Chalpati Rao, great journalist, passed away.

25-March-1987 - Marxist-led alliance gets majority in Kerala and West Bengal elections .

25-March-1989 - India's first super-computer X-MP-14 of US make was dedicated to the nation.

25-March-1990 - Lakshadweep Council elections.

25-March-1991 - 1991 census report released;  India has 844 million people.

25-March-1994 - Buta Singh exonerated by the Akal Takht after 9 years.

25-March-1996 - 31st Gyanpith award presented to M.T. Vasudevan Nair at Trivandrum by Dr. Karan Singh.

25-March-1996 - CBI gives a clean chit to PM Rao in the St. Kitts case.

25-March-1997 - Justice Jagdish Saran Verma sworn in Chief Justice of India.

25-March-1998 - Yashwant Sinha, Finance Minister, and  Railway Minister Nitish Kumar present the interim budgets for 1998- 99.

25-March-1999 - Arathi Ponnappa, Former National tennis champion, called it quits from competitive tennis in Bangalore.

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