Today in Indian History - 14 Mar 2019

Today in Indian History - 14 Mar 2019

14-March-1883 - Karl Marx, great journalist, chief editor, writer and social worker, died in London.

14-March-1895 - Nihalsing Gurumukh, former Chief Minister of Delhi and Governer of Rajasthan, was born.

14-March-1910 - Dalai Lama makes a rare state visit to the Viceroy of Calcutta.

14-March-1931 - First Indian talkie film 'Alam Ara' released at Majestic Cinema, Bombay. Directed by Ardeshir Irani, the film was 11,152 ft. long and was produced by Imperial Film Co., Bombay and beared censored No. 10043 on March 11. The most remarkable thing about this film was birth of sound in Indian films, it came with a bang and quickly displaced the silent movies and brought revolutionary changes in the whole set up of the industry.

14-March-1963 - Jainarain Vyas, freedom fighter, leader, social reformer, patriot and a noble son of India, passed away.

14-March-1967 - Vijay Yadav, cricketer (Indian wicket-keeper between More & Mongia), was born in Gonda.

14-March-1990 - Akash' missile tested successfully.

14-March-1992 - NTR expels Upendra and six others from Telegu Desam Party.

14-March-1993 - India seeks Interpol's assistance in investigating the sources of bomb blasts in Bombay.

14-March-1994 - Narsinha Rao, Prime Minister, arrives in London for a 4-day official visit.

14-March-1995 - Keshubai Patel (Gujarat), J.B. Patnaik (Orissa) and Manohar Joshi, the 12th (Maharashtra) CMs, elected.

14-March-1995 - Chandragupta Chaudhary 'Comred ', senior leader of Bhartiya Communist Party, passed away.

14-March-1997 - Border Security Force discovers a 34-metre long tunnel in the Ajnala Sub-sector of the Punjab border with Pakistan.

14-March-1997 - Veerendra Patil, 73, twice former Chief Minister of Karnataka, passed away.

14-March-1998 - Sonia Gandhi takes over as the Congress(I) president from Sitaram Kesri.

14-March-1999 - Arjun Atwal won the Indian Open Golf in Calcutta.

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