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1. What is the name of the pigment which helps animal to see in dim light? - Rhodopsin
2. The transformer works on which principle -  Electromagnetic induction
3. What is the oil of vitriol? -  Sulphuric Acid
4. Which is the most effective test to determine AIDS? - Western blot test
5. What is manufactured using Bessemer process? - Steel 
6. Minamata disease is due to - Mercury
7. A person suffering from bleeding gum need in his food - Citrus
8. An alloy used in making heating elements for the electric heating device is -  Nichrome
9. Which fossil organism is usually regarded as the connecting link between birds and reptiles? -  Archaeopteryx 
10. Phenomenon behind the formation of the rainbow - Dispersion of light
11. Recently dead Mufti Muhammed Sayyid was the Chief Minister of _______State  2016 -  Jammu-Kashmir
12. Which of the following work won the 'Odakkuzhal Award' to S. Joseph? - Chandranodoppam
13.  Who scored 1009 runs in one inning, in the Bhandari Trophy under-16 Inter-School Cricket?  - Pranav Dhanvade
14. Who got the "Dr. Sukumar Azhikode Thatwamasi Endowment for this year 2016 - Dr. T.M. Thomas Issac
15. Miss World', Miriya Lalguna Roso belongs to which of the following country? - Spain
16. Present Jnanpeed winner Raghuveer Chaudhari is a popular writer in language. - Gujarati
17. Who among the following was appointed as CEO of NITI AYOG? - Amitabh Kanth
19. World's largest Bird statue is built in Jatayu Nature Park. In which place of Kerala, it is built? - Chatayamangalam
20. Who is the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India? - Shakikanta Das
21. What is the official name of India? - Republic of India
22. The literacy rate of India is  - 74.04% 
23. Which was the first linguistic state in Independent India? - Andhra
24. Which is the tree generally grown for forestation?  - Teak 
25. In which river Bhakra-Nangal Dam is situated? - Sutlej
26. Who was the first martyr in First Indian Independence War 1857? - Mangal Pande
27. Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous Chickago Speech in:  - 1893 September 11
28. Who was the Chairman of Nehru Committee Report? - Motilal Nehru
29. What is the total length of NH49 (Kochi to Dhanushkodi)?  - 440 km
30. What is a Republic? - In a democracy, the head of the state is either directly or indirectly elected by the people
31. Who founded 'Ananda Mahasabha' in 1918? - Brahmananda Sivayogi
32. Kochi Rajya Praja Mandalam was formed in the year : - 1941
33. Who wrote the famous book 'A Short History of the Peasant Movement' in Kerala? - E.M.S. Namboothirippad 
34. The original name of Vagbhatanandan, the famous social reformer in Kerala? - Kunji Kannan
35. Who founded Jatinasini Sabha? - Anandatheerthan
36. Gayathripuzha is the tributary of which river?  - Bharatha Puzha
37. In which district Mangalavanam, the smallest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala situated? - Ernakulam
38. K.S.E.B. was formed in the year: - 1957 
39. Where is Kerala coconut research station situated? - Balaramapuram
40. What is the name of rainwater harvest programme organised by Kerala - Varsha
41. The Fundamental Rights of the Indian Citizens are enshrined in: - Part III of the constitution
42. The authority to issue 'writs' for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights rest with : - The Supreme Court and High Courts 
43. Which of the following Article of the constitution deals with the Fundament duties of the Indian Citizens? - Article 51-A
44. Who is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha? - The Vice-President
45. In which year the National Development Council (NDC) was established? - 1952
46. The Public Service Commission in India, as the Union Public Service Commission was first called, was established in the year: - 1926
47.The National Human Rights Commission was established in the year. - 1993
48. Which Constitutional Amendment made the right to free and compulsory education as a fundamental right? - 86th 
49. Who is the Chairperson of Kerala State Vanitha Commission? - M C Josephine
50. Who is the present CAG? - Rajiv Mehrishi

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