Laboratory Technician Grade II (NCA-LC/AI) Health

Laboratory Technician Grade II (NCA-LC/AI) Health

1. Which is a biodiversity hotspot in India?
[a]  Eastern Himalayas
[b]  Thar Desert
[c]  Eastern Coast
[d]  Ganga Basin

2. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is situated at
[a]  New Delhi
[b]  Kolkata
[c]  Shimla
[d]  Bengaluru

3.Black soil is normally found in
[a]  Sivalik Hills
[b]  Lakshadweep
[c]  Deccan Plateau
[d]  Northern Plains

4.Mahabalipuram is located in the State of
[a]  Telangana
[b]  Karnataka
[c]  Maharashtra
[d]  Tamil Nadu

5.The Play Neel Darpan was published during the Indigo revolt of Bengal by
[a]  Aurobindo Ghosh
[b]  Shisir Kumar Ghosh
[c]  Dinabandhu Mitra
[d]  Rabindranath Tagore

6.Gadhar Party was formed by
[a]  Lala Har Dayal
[b]  Bagat Singh
[c]  S.[c]  Bose
[d]  Motilal Nehru

7. Which is not a bird sanctuary in Kerala?
[a]  Thattekkad
[b]  Kadalundi
[c]  Mangalavanam
[d]  Kottakkunnu

8.The capital of Tipu Sultan in Malabar
[a]  Arakkal
[b]  Feroke
[c]  Kappad
[d]  Tirurangadi

9.Kerala Kalamandalam is a
[a]  Deemed University
[b]  Private University
[c]  State University
[d]  Central University

10. How many times Gandhiji visited Kerala during freedom struggle?
[a]  2
[b]  3
[c]  4
[d]  5

11. The Golden Ball Winner of FIFA World Cup 2018
[a]  Lionel Messi
[b]  Luca Modric
[c]  Kylian Mbappe
[d]  Eden Hazard

12.T ham Luang cave is situated in
[a]  Thailand
[b]  Indonesia
[c]  Philippines
[d]  Malaysia

13.Secretary of States of America
[a]  James Mattis
[b]  Mike Pompeo
[c]  Rex Tillerson
[d]  Condoleezza rice

14. President Ramnath Kovind previously ser as the Governor from 2015 to 2017 of
[a]  U.P
[b]  Bihar
[c]  Odisha
[d]  Jharkhand

15. Who is the ‘53^(rd)’Jnanpith Award winner?
[a]  Balchandra Nemade
[b]  Raghuveer Chaudhari
[c]  Shankha Ghosh
[d]  Krishna Sobti

16. Malayali Social Union(Later renamed as Malayali Sabha) established at Thiruvananthapuram in the year
[a]  1877
[b]  1914
[c]  1899
[d]  1892

17. Ayyankali was belonging to
[a]  Paraya family
[b]  Pulaya family
[c]  Cheruma family
[d]  Kanaka family

18.Pampadi Joseph published ‘Cheramar Dhoothan’from
[a]  Thiruvananthapuram
[b]  Mannanam
[c]  Changanassery
[d]  Kayamkulam

19. The organization established at Alappuzha by the inspiration Vakkamabdulkhader Moulavi
[a]  Lajnett-ul-Hamdani
[b]  Rauzath-ul-uloom
[c]  Lajnett-ul-Muhammadiyya Sangham
[d]  Dar-ul-Maarif

20. Who established ‘Sidhashramam’at Alathur?
[a]  Poikayil Yohannan
[b]  Chattambi Swamikal
[c]  Pandit Karuppan
[d]  Brahmanada Sivayogi

21. Absolute zero of temperature corresponds to
[a]  ’273.15^@’C
[b]  ’-273.15^@’C
[c]  ’0^@’C
[d]  ’100^@’C

22. On removing the valve, the air escaping from a cycle tube comes cool,because
[a]  It is an isothermal expansion
[b]  It is an isothermal compression
[c]  It is an adiabatic expansion
[d]  It is an adiabatic compression

23. When a capillary tube of diameter 4 mm is immersed vertically in water, water rises upto a height of 5 cm. If another capillary tube of diameter 2 mm is immersed in water, to what height water will rise to?
[a]  4 cm
[b]  5 cm
[c]  8 cm
[d]  10 cm

24. Which of the following is the unit of Universal Gravitational Constant?
[a]  ’kgm^2’’s^-1’
[b]  ’m^3’’kg^-1’’s^-2’
[c]  ’kgms^-2’
[d]  ’mkg^3s^-2’

25. What is the moment of inertia of a ring about a tangent to the circle of the ring?
[a]  3/2 ‘MR^2’
[b]  1/4’MR^2’
[c]  2/5’MR^2’
[d]  ’MR^2’

26. Which one of the following is not feromagnetic?
[a]  Cobalt
[b]  Nickel
[c]  Iron
[d]  Bismuth

27. The equation for the displacement of a particle in SHM is given by x=0.04 sin(‘(2pi)/(0.01)’t+’(pi)/(4)’)
Where x is in cm,t is in seconds,the maximum velocity is
[a]  8’pi’
[b]  2’pi’/0.01
[c]  4’pi’
[d]  ’pi’/4

28. An electric dipole of length 2 cm is kept inclined at an angle ‘30^@’with an electric field of intensity ‘4xx10^5’N/[c]  If it experiences a torque equal to 8 Nm,what is the charge on the dipole?
[a]  4 mC
[b]  1 mC
[c]  2 mC
[d]  6 mC

29. Which of the following radiation is used to take photographs of distant objects?
[a]  Microwaves
[b]  X-rays
[c]  UV-rays
[d]  IR-radiations

30. If earth shrinks to half of its present radius without any change in its mass, then how does the duration of a day changes?
[a]  Decreases
[b]  Increases
[c]  No change
[d]  May increase or decrease

31. Rutherford conducted the scattering experiment using
[a]  ’beta’-particles
[b]  ’alpha’-particles
[c]  ’gamma’-particles
[d]  photons

32. The hybridisation of carbon in diamond is
[a]  ’sp^2’
[b]  sp
[c]  ’sp^3’
[d]  ’sp^3’d

33. Permanent hardness cannot be removed by
[a]  Adding washing soda to water
[b]  Boiling water
[c]  Adding calgon
[d]  Passing through resin

34. The shape of the methane molecule is
[a]  Tetrahedral
[b]  Linear
[c]  Pyramidal
[d]  Planar

35. Milk is an example of
[a]  Foam
[b]  Gel
[c]  Emulsion
[d]  Sol

36. Graphite belongs to which type of crystalline structure?
[a]  Hexagonal
[b]  Monoclinic
[c]  Triclinic
[d]  Cubic

37.Germanium is refined by
[a]  Distillation
[b]  Liquation
[c]  Electrolysis
[d]  Zone refining

38. Non-sticky coating of frying pans is made by a polymer
[a]  PAN
[b]  HDP
[d]  Buna-N

39. Which test is used for identifying phenol?
[a]  Schiff’s test
[b]  Tollen’s test
[c]  Lucas test
[d]  Neutral ferric chloride

40. The anode of Laclanche cell is made up of
[a]  Zinc
[b]  Copper
[c]  Aluminium
[d]  Magnesium

41. Pollination by a bat is
[a]  Hydrophily
[b]  Cheiropterophily
[c]  Malacophily
[d]  Entomophily

42. Pisum sativum belongs to the family
[a]  Solanaceae
[b]  Fabaceae
[c]  Malvaceae
[d]  Liliaceae

43. Pyramid of number is inverted in
[a]  Pond ecosystem
[b]  Grassland ecosystem
[c]  Parasitic ecosystem
[d]  Fresh water ecosytem

44. In which phase of the cell cycle does replication of genetic material takes place?
[a]  S phase
[b]  ’G_0’phase
[c]  ’G_(1’ phase
[d]  ’G_2’ phase

45. Which among the following represents non-sense codons?
[a]  UAA
[b]  UAG
[c]  UGA
[d]  All of these

46. The chief pigment associated with photosynthesis is
[a]  Chlorophyll b
[b]  Chlorophyll c
[c]  Chlorophyll a
[d]  Chlorophyll d

47. Hypercalcemic hormone is
[a]  Thyroxine
[b]  Thymosin
[c]  Parathyroid hormone
[d]  Adrenalin

48. The excretory organs in a cockroach is
[a]  Gills
[b]  Malpighian tubules
[c]  Book gills
[d]  Book lungs

49. Aorta arises from
[a]  Right atrium
[b]  Left atrium
[c]  Right ventricle
[d]  Left ventricle

50. The protein portion of the enzyme is
[a]  Apoenzyme
[b]  Prosthetic group
[c]  Co-factor
[d]  Coenzyme

51. Which of the following cells is not a WBC?
[a]  Neutrophil
[b]  Basophil
[c]  Manocyte
[d]  Thrombocyte

52. The colouring agent used in antisera AB is
[a]  Methelene blue
[b]  Acriflavin
[c]  Eosin
[d]  Safranin

53. Name the anticoagulant present in a purple coloured vacutainer tube
[a]  Heparin
[b]  EDTA
[c]  Sodium citrate
[d]  None of these

54. pH of buffered distilled water used in Leishman’s staining is
[a]  6.8
[b]  7.2
[c]  7.4
[d]  8

55. Blood collected in CPD-A can be stored in blood bank refrigerator for ______days.
[a]  35
[b]  28
[c]  21
[d]  25

56. HDN due to Rh incompatibility can be prevented by giving anti-D antibody to Rh negative mother within _________hours of delivery of Rh positive infant.
[a]  49 hrs
[b]  72 hrs
[c]  24 hrs
[d]  36 hrs

57. Which of the following is not an RBC diluting fluid?
[a]  Normal saline
[b]  Dacles fluid
[c]  Turkes fluid
[d]  Toissons fluid

58. During donor screening persons having a history of malaria should be avoided for a period of _________years.
[a]  1 week
[b]  2 years
[c]  1 year
[d]  3 years

59. Bombay blood group persons have______________antigen in their bloo[d]
[a]  A Ag
[b]  B Ag
[c]  h Ag
[d]  H Ag

60. Depth of improved neubauer counting chamber is
[a]  0.1 mm
[b]  .01 mm
[c]  .001 mm
[d]  1 mm

61. Name the enzyme estimation done in semen sample to analyse the secretory function of prostate
[a]  Alanine transaminase
[b]  Asparte transaminase
[c]  Acid phosphatase
[d]  Alkaline phasphatase

62. The only cell in normal CSF is
[a]  Neutrophil
[b]  Lymphocyte
[c]  Manocyte
[d]  None of these

63. Name the tests used to detect bile salt in urine.
[a]  Benzidine test
[b]  Fouchet’s test
[c]  Ehrlich’s test
[d]  Hays test

64. Ketone bodies in urine are
[a]  Acetone
[b]  ’beta’ hydroxy butyric acid
[c]  Both 1 and 2
[d]  None of these

65. Normal sperm count is
[a]  80-160 millions/ml
[b]  40-80 millions/ml
[c]  100-120 millions/ml
[d]  140-200 millions/ml

66. Name the hormone detected in pregnancy.
[a]  ADH
[b]  GH
[c]  TSH
[d]  hCG

67. Specific gravity of urine less than 1.010 indicates
[a]  Diabetes millitus
[b]  Diabetes insipidus
[c]  Diabetic ketoacidosis
[d]  None of the above

68. ’Glucose memory test’is
[a]  GCT
[b]  Hb’A_1’C
[c]  GTT
[d]  PPBS

69. Which of the following is not a renal function test?
[a]  Serum urea
[b]  Serum creatinine
[c]  Cystatin-C
[d]  Total cholesterol

70. Who is known as ‘father of microbiology’?
[a]  Louis Pasteur
[b]  Robert Koch
[c]  Alexander Fleming
[d]  Edward Jenner

71. Serum electrolytes are analysed using
[a]  Calorimeter
[b]  Flamephotometer
[c]  Spectrophotometer
[d]  None of these

72. Van-den-Bergh reaction is used to detect
[a]  Serum creatinine
[b]  Serum urea
[c]  Serum bilirubin
[d]  Blood glucose

73. Cob-Web appearance of clot in CSF indicates
[a]  Jaundice
[b]  Haemorrhage
[c]  Spinal constriction
[d]  Tuberculous meningitis

74.___________is otherwise known as ‘bad cholesterol’.
[a]  LDL
[b]  HDL
[c]  VLDL
[d]  Chylomicrons

75. All the following are motile bacteria except
[a]  E.Coli
[b]  Klebsiella
[c]  Vibrio
[d]  Proteus

76. Oils and grease can be sterilised using
[a]  Autoclave
[b]  Vaccine bath
[c]  Hot air oven
[d]  None of these

77. Solidifying agent of a culture media is
[a]  Peptone
[b]  Meat extract
[c]  Sodium chloride
[d]  Agar

78.___________is added to Mac Conkeys agar to inhibit the growth of gram positive bacteri[a]
[a]  Bile salt
[b]  Peptone
[c]  Neutral red
[d]  Agar

79. All the following are examples of transport media except
[a]  VR medium
[b]  Thioglycollate medium
[c]  Stuarts medium
[d]  Amles medium

80. Which of the following tests come under IMVIC tests?
[a]  Coagulase test
[b]  Catalase test
[c]  Citrate utilisation test
[d]  None of above

81. The type of immunoglobulin which provides local immunity is
[a]  ’I_g’M
[b]  ’I_g’D
[c]  ’I_g’G
[d]  ’I_g’A

82. Confirmatory tests for AIDs is
[a]  Western blot
[b]  Southern blot
[c]  ELISA
[d]  CLIA

83. The bacteria which require ‘X’and ‘V’factors for its growth is
[a]  Staphylococcus
[b]  Haemophilus
[c]  Brucella
[d]  Salmonella

84.RPR and VDRL tests are done for the diagnosis of
[a]  AIDs
[b]  Hepatitis
[c]  Syphilis
[d]  Malaria

85. All the following are examples of blood parasites except
[a]  Plasmodium
[b]  Brugia malayi
[c]  Leishmania
[d]  Glardia lmablia

86. The fixative used for blood containing specimen is
[a]  Carnoy’s fluid
[b]  95% ethyl alcohol
[c]  10% formalin
[d]  Zenker’s fluid

87. Staining technique for assessment of hormonal status is
[a]  Pap stain
[b]  Shorrs stain
[c]  H&E stain
[d]  JSB stain

88. The ‘word’ which refers to the ‘closeness of a result on repeated analysis’is
[a]  Accuracy
[b]  Sensitivity
[c]  Precision
[d]  Specificity

89. ’Mycology’means the study of
[a]  Bacteria
[b]  Immunity
[c]  Parasites
[d]  Fungus

90. Infections induced by a ‘physician’is known as
[a]  Iatrogenic
[b]  Nosocomial
[c]  Congenital
[d]  Subclinical

91. The enzyme estimation is done for the diagnosis of pancreatitis
[a]  Acid phosphatase
[b]  Amylase
[c]  Alkaline phosphatase
[d]  Creatinine kinase

92. The basic component of Leishman’s stain is
[a]  Cosin
[b]  Malachite green
[c]  Methelene blue
[d]  None of the above

93. Name the blood cells increased in asthma
[a]  Basophil
[b]  Neutrophil
[c]  Lympocyte
[d]  Cosinophil

94. Intermediate host of Plasmodium is
[a]  Man
[b]  Female Anopheles mosquito
[c]  Male anopheles mosquito
[d]  None of the above

95. Which of the following is a Romanowsky stain
[a]  Leishmans stain
[b]  Giemsas stain
[c]  Jenners stain
[d]  All the above

96. In wintrobes mixture,ammonium oxalate and potassium oxalate is mixed in the ratio
[a]  2:3
[b]  3:2
[c]  1:4
[d]  2:1

97. The anticoagulant used in OFT is
[a]  EDTA
[b]  Citrate
[c]  Heparin
[d]  Sodium fluoride-potassium oxalate mixture

98. The bacteria showing swarming growth is
[a]  E.Coli
[b]  Salmonella
[c]  Proteus
[d]  All the above

99.The remove blood clots from blood pipette,it is immersed in
[a]  KOH
[b]  ’NH_40H
[c]  INHCI
[d]  3% acetic acid

100.Incomplete antibodies are detected using
[a]  Electrophoresis
[b]  Coombs test
[c]  Agglutination test
[d]  VDRL test

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