Confidential Assistant Grade.II conducted on 31 Jul 2018

Confidential Assistant Grade.II conducted on 31 Jul 2018

1. ‘Habeebinte Dinakkurippukal’ is a Malayalam book written by
[a] Kureepuzha Sreekumar
[b] Kamala Surayya
[c] K.P. Ummer
[d] P.K. Parakkadavu

2. The first E-State in India
[a] Kerala
[b] Goa
[c] Punjab
[d] Gujarat

3. To achieve complete digital literacy in Kerala, the government announced
[a] Digital Kerala
[b] Vision 2020
[c] LIFE
[d] None of these

4. “Parrot Lady” is a
[a] Pappaya seed
[b] Coconut seed
[c] Lady finger seed
[d] Khajuraho sculpture

5. The official fruit of Kerala
[a] Mango
[b] Coconut
[c] Jackfruit
[d] All of the above

6. The country did not qualify for FIFA World Cup 2018
[a] Italy
[b] Poland
[c] Egypt
[d] Panama

7. The Nobel Prize for Literature 2017 won by
[a] Kisimi Shykkaro
[b] Kazuo Ishiguro
[c] Nakamura
[d] None of these

8. The Ezhuthachan Puraskaram 2017 won by
[a] C. Radhakrishnan
[b] U.K. Kumaran
[c] Prabha Varma
[d] K. Sachidanandan

9. The Chancellor of Viswa Bharathi University in West Bengal
[a] Prime Minister
[b] Governer of Bengal
[c] C.M. of Bengal
[d] None of these

10. Who won the Wimbledon Tennis Men’s Singles title in 2017 ?
[a] Andy Murray
[b] Nadal
[c] Roger Federer
[d] Djokovic

11. Which language got The Classical Status first time in India ?
[a] Sanskrit
[b] Tamil
[c] Hindi
[d] Indus Script

12. The country sharing longest frontier with India
[a] Pakistan
[b] China
[c] Nepal
[d] Bangladesh

13. The fastest river in India
[a] Brahmaputra
[b] Kosi
[c] Tista
[d] Mandovi

14. Dal Lake situated in
[a] Jammu
[b] Srinagar
[c] Shimla
[d] Hyderabad

15. Most important soil type in India
[a] Alluvial Soil
[b] Black Soil
[c] Red Soil
[d] Laterite Soil

16. East India Association founded by
[a] W.C. Banerjee
[b] Phirozsha Mehta
[c] K.T. Telang
[d] Naoroji

17. The movement organized on November 1913 at San Francisco in USA :
[a] Ghadar
[b] Akali Dal
[c] Azad-hind-fauj
[d] HSRA

18. The first Five Year Plan in India inaugurated in
[a] 1952
[b] 1951
[c] 1950
[d] 1948

19. “If a God were to tolerate untouchability I would not recognize him as God at all.” Who said it ?
[a] Gandhiji
[b] Nehru
[c] Tilak
[d] Vivekananda

20. “Deepawali Declaration” was made by :
[a] Lord Curzon
[b] Lord Wavell
[c] Lord Linlithgow
[d] Lord Irwin

21. Who gave leadership to Perinad Lahala ?
[a] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[b] Ayyankali
[c] Vaikunda Swamikal
[d] None of these

22. Akalees from Punjab came and gave their support to
[a] Vaikkom Sathyagraham
[b] Guruvayur Sathyagraham
[c] Paliyam Sathyagraham
[d] Malabar Rebellion

23. A monthly named “Al-Islam” was published by ;
[a] Abdu Rahiman
[b] E. Moidu Moulavi
[c] Vakkam Moulavi
[d] Ramakrishna Pillai

24. Slavery abolished in Travancore in
[a] 1800
[b] 1815
[c] 1820
[d] 1812

25. “Sultan Aurangazib” is a Malayalam book written by
[a] E. Moidu Maulavi
[b] Vakkam Maulavi
[c] Abdu Rahiman
[d] Dr. KKN Kuruppu

26. Hajur Inscription is associated with :
[a] Ayyan Atikal
[b] Karunanthadakkan
[c] Marthnda Varma
[d] Tippu Sultan

27. The second highest peak in Kerala :
[a] Anamudi
[b] Ezhimla
[c] Anamala
[d] Agastya Kudam

28. Kudumbasree, the Women Empowerment programme in Kerala, inaugurated in :
[a] 1995
[b] 1997
[c] 1998
[d] 2000

29. How many districts in Kerala have sea coast ?
[a] Nine
[b] Eight
[c] Ten
[d] Seven

30. “Atmanuthapam” is an anthology of poem written by :
[a] Narayana guru
[b] Ayyankali
[c] Father Kuriakose Eliyas
[d] None of these

31. Kerala Police Academy is situated in
[a] Thiruvananthapuram
[b] Thrissur
[c] Malappuram
[d] Kollam

32. “Indra Dhanush” is a project related to :
[a] Militory Reforms
[b] Educational Reforms
[c] Agricultural Reforms
[d] Banking Reforms

33. The Oldest Public Sector Bank in India
[a] Vijaya Bank
[b] SBI
[c] Allahabad Bank
[d] Nedungadi Bank

34. According to the Constitution of India, maximum number of members in a State Legislative Assembly :
[a] 500
[b] 402
[c] 742
[d] 792

35. The authority to appoint Supreme Court Judges in India
[a] Prime Minister
[b] Law Minister
[c] Chief Justice-Supreme Court
[d] President

36. In which High Court in India started “Green Bench” for the first time ?
[a] Kerala
[b] Kolkata
[c] Delhi
[d] Bhubaneshwar

37. The Headquarters of Kerala Human Rights Commission :
[a] Trivandrum
[b] Cochin
[c] Ernakulam
[d] Nedumbaseri

38. Indian Parliament passed the Right to Education Act on :
[a] August 4, 2010
[b] August 4, 2009
[c] April 4, 2010
[d] None of these

39. The Headquarters of National S.T. Commission in India
[a] Lucknow
[b] Ranchi
[c] New Delhi
[d] Ahmedabad

40. Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana aims to develop
[a] Anganwadis
[b] Health Centres
[c] Primary Schools
[d] Village Roads

41. ‘Opah’ is a variety of :
[a] Goat
[b] Frog
[c] Fish
[d] Cow

42. pH value of Sea Water
[a] 8.0
[b] 12.0
[c] 4.2
[d] 9.6

43. The content of ‘Blue Gas’ is
[a] Carbon Monoxide
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Both [a] & [b]
[d] None of these

44. Boudoun Test check the purity of
[a] Honey
[b] Ghee
[c] Blood
[d] All of the above

45. Quantum Theory initiated by
[a] Max Plank
[b] Einstein
[c] Christian Bernard
[d] C.V. Raman

46. Cells discovered by
[a] Griger Mendal
[b] Rutherford
[c] Robert Hook
[d] John Dalton

47. The first satellite developed for defence purpose in India
[a] G Sat 3
[b] G Sat 7
[c] G Sat 12
[d] None of these

48. Antrix Corporation Ltd. established in
[a] 1990
[b] 1991
[c] 1993
[d] 1992

49. Which one of the following is true about JUGNU ?
[a] It is developed in Kanpur IIT.
[b] It is a remote sensing satellite.
[c] It is first nano satellite India.
[d] All of the above

50. Which is the sixth taste form identified by scientist in 2015 ?
[a] Umami
[b] Oleogustus
[c] Umami Sweet
[d] None of these

51. One of the following menu items is not seen in Menu Bar of the MS-Word 2007 :
[a] Page Layout
[b] References
[c] Window
[d] Review

52. “Header and Footer” command is available in __________ Menu of the MS-Word 2003.
[a] Insert
[b] View
[c] Table
[d] Format

53. Which bar contains the title of the Document presently using ?
[a] Task Bar
[b] Status Bar
[c] Tool Bar
[d] Title Bar

54. Which is the short cut key to ‘Undo’ the last action ?
[a] Ctrl + Z
[b] Ctrl + Y
[c] Ctrl + I
[d] Ctrl + E

55. How many rows in the work sheet of MS-Excel 2007 ?
[a] 1048756
[b] 1084576
[c] 1084657
[d] 1048576

56. What is the use of the function ‘CONCATENATE’ in MS-Excel ?
[a] Joins several pages
[b] Joins several Text Strings in to one text string
[c] Joins several images
[d] None of these

57. Which one of the following is the correct method for selecting a sentence ?
[a] Click anywhere in the sentence
[b] Hold shift key and click anywhere in the sentence
[c] Hold ‘Ctrl’ key and click anywhere in the sentence
[d] None of these

58. MS-Excel is a/an ___________ software.
[a] System
[b] Operating
[c] Data Processing
[d] Application

59. One of the following is not an output device :
[a] Plotters
[b] Voice response system
[c] Joystick
[d] None of these

60. 1 PB = __________.
[a] 1024 TB
[b] 1024 GB
[c] 1042 TB
[d] None of these

61. Print preview in Word 2007 is taken by clicking
[a] File Æ Print Preview
[b] Home Æ Print Preview
[c] Office Button Æ Print Æ Print Preview
[d] None of these

62. One of the following is not a web browsing software :
[a] Google Chrome
[b] Mozilla Firefox
[c] Internet explorer
[d] Yahoo

63. What will happen when we press ‘Shift + Tab’ ?
[a] Move one cell left
[b] Move one cell right
[c] Move one cell up
[d] None of these

64. Number of maximum columns can we select from columns dialogue box in the MS Word 2007.
[a] 10
[b] 11
[c] 12
[d] 13

65. ‘Super Script’ Tool is available in _________ tool bar.
[a] Formatting
[b] Drawing
[c] Standard
[d] None of these

66. Maximum number of columns can be selected by using ‘Insert Table’ dialogue box in MS Word
[a] 53
[b] 58
[c] 63
[d] None of these

67. One of the following ‘Chart Type’ option is not available in MS Excel.
[a] Bubble
[b] Pyramid
[c] Cylinder
[d] Triangle

68. Which is the default font in MS-Excel 2007 ?
[a] Calibri
[b] Arial
[c] Times New Roman
[d] None of these

69. Maximum Zoom option available in the ‘Zoom’ dialogue window of MS-Excel
[a] 100
[b] 200
[c] 300
[d] 500

70. One of the Margin Option is not available in MS-Word 2007.
[a] Large
[b] Mirrored
[c] Narrow
[d] Moderate

71. The carriage does not move from right to left when we operate one of the below.
[a] Tabulator Bar
[b] Carriage Release Lever
[c] Space Bar
[d] Back Spacer

72. Carriage rack travels on the
[a] Pinion Wheel
[b] Escapement Wheel
[c] Lose Dog
[d] Rigid Dog

73. One of the following is not correct with the length of carriage :
[a] 100
[b] 120
[c] 140
[d] 160

74. If the line space lever is broken while typing the paper can be taken to the next line by the use of
[a] Space Bar
[b] Thumb Wheel
[c] Escapement Wheel
[d] None of these

75. ___________ helps the paper from fluttering in the air.
[a] Paper Guide
[b] Marginal Stops
[c] Paper Bail
[d] None of these

76. How many marginal stops are in a typewriter ?
[a] 1
[b] 2
[c] 3
[d] None of these

77. __________ helps the proper feeding of the paper.
[a] Marginal Guides
[b] Feed Rollers
[c] Paper Bail
[d] None of these

78. What is used to give uniform margin to all sheets ?
[a] Paper Guide
[b] Marginal Stops
[c] Tab keys
[d] Scales

79. Pick out the guide keys from the following :
[a] N
[b] asdf;lkj
[c] a;
[d] h

80. What will happen when we press dead keys ?
[a] Carriage will move half space left.
[b] Carriage will move one space left.
[c] Carriage will not move.
[d] Nothing will happen.

81. Normal width of a typewriter ribbon is
[a] 10 mm
[b] 11 mm
[c] 12 mm
[d] 13 mm

82. Red portion of the bicolour ribbon normally be at the
[a] Top
[b] Bottom
[c] Middle
[d] None of these

83. Which is the correct salutation when a letter addressed to an Ambassador ?
[a] Sir
[b] My Lord
[c] Dear Ambassador
[d] Your Excellency

84. If the writer wants to add something more to the letter after it has been completed, it may be given in the form of a
[a] Paragraph
[b] Complimentary close
[c] Post-Script
[d] None of these

85. Where should we type inside address in a business letter ?
[a] Above the heading
[b] Below the heading
[c] Below the subscription
[d] It will not be typed in the letter.

86. One of the following is not a part of typewriter :
[a] Segment
[b] Buffer spring
[c] Platen
[d] Printing Screw

87. How many types of typewriters ?
[a] 1
[b] 2
[c] 3
[d] 4

88. One of the following is not used as typeface :
[a] Delite
[b] Roman
[c] Script
[d] Gothic

89. Pick out the tension which is not seen in a typewriter.
[a] Carriage tension
[b] Rack tension
[c] Key tension
[d] Ribbon tension

90. What is the use of carriage scale ?
[a] To find out ribbon point
[b] To find out printing point
[c] To find out paper point
[d] No usage

91. Which is the following capital letter is used to denote the number 1000 ?
[a] M
[b] D
[c] C
[d] L

92. How many line space is used while typing a ‘commercial work’ ?
[a] Single
[b] Double
[c] Triple
[d] None of these

93. How many space will leave after colon (:) ?
[a] Half
[b] One
[c] Two
[d] No space

94. Where we will type the words ‘ON INDIA GOVERNMENT SERVICE’ on the cover ?
[a] Top left side of the cover
[b] Top right side of the cover
[c] Top middle of the cover
[d] Anywhere in the cover

95. How much left side margin will leave in a business letter ?
[a] 5
[b] 10
[c] 15
[d] None of these

96. What is the expansion of E. & O.E. ?
[a] Errors and Omission Accepted
[b] Errors & Commissions Accepted
[c] Errors and Omissions Excepted 
[d] Errors & Omissions Expected

97. The paper guide is found on the __________ side of the paper table.
[a] Left
[b] Right
[c] Middle
[d] None of these

98. The line space lever can also be called
[a] Carriage release lever
[b] Carriage removing lever
[c] Carriage returning lever
[d] None of these

99. All type bars are rest in the
[a] Segment
[b] Type Bucket
[c] Type Socket
[d] Type Basket

100. Ribbon carrier is fixed behind the
[a] Carriage
[b] Type Guide
[c] Spool
[d] None of these
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