Civil Police Officer Exam on 22 Jul 2018

Civil Police Officer Exam on 22 Jul 2018

1. Who was given the title of ‘Kavithilakam’ by Maharaja of Cochi ?
[a] Vagbhadananda
[b] Pandit Karuppan
[c] Kumara Guru
[d] Kumaranasan

2. The book ‘Moksha Pradeepam’ is authored by
[a] Brahmananda Sivayogi
[b] Vaikunta Swamikal
[c] Sree Narayana Guru
[d] Vagbhadananda

3. Where is the first branch of ‘Brahma Samaj’ started in Kerala ?
[a] Kochi
[b] Palakkad
[c] Kannur
[d] Kozhikode

4. The only one district in Kerala produce tobacco
[a] Wayanad
[b] Idukki
[c] Kasargod
[d] Kannur

5. On which of the following rivers is Ukai dam located ?
[a] Ravi
[b] Narmada
[c] Beas
[d] Tapti

6. Chutak Hydro-Electric project being constructed by NHPC in Kargil is on the river
[a] Suru
[b] Jhelum
[c] Kunar
[d] Ravi

7. Considering sea transport, GPS stands for
[a] Greenwich Placement Systems
[b] Global Placement Systems
[c] German Placement Systems
[d] Global Positioning Systems

8. Anshi National Park is situated in the state of
[a] Andhra Pradesh
[b] Tripura
[c] Karnataka
[d] Tamil Nadu

9. Which was the first Indian Private Airline to launch flights to China ?
[a] Sahara Airlines
[b] Indigo
[c] Kingfisher Airlines
[d] Jet Airways

10. National Research Centre for Banana is located at
[a] Thiruvananthapuram
[b] Trichy
[c] Bangalore
[d] Tirupur

11. Pagal Panthi Movement was of
[a] Garo
[b] Naga
[c] Paharia
[d] Santhal

12. Which among the following states of India was ruled by the Ahom dynasty ?
[a] Tripura
[b] Nagaland
[c] Assam
[d] Manipur

13. Which mountain range separates the Indo-Gangetic Plain from Deccan Plateau ?
[a] The Sahyadri
[b] The Vindhyas
[c] The Aravalli
[d] The Satpura

14. The tidal port of India
[a] Visakhapatnam
[b] Cochin
[c] Kandla
[d] Mumbai

15. The Jarawas was tribal people of
[a] Meghalaya
[b] Andaman group of Islands
[c] Madhya Pradesh
[d] Bihar

16. Who among the Delhi Sultans was known as Lakh Baksh ?
[a] Qutb-ud-din-aibak
[b] Balban
[c] Sikandar Lodi
[d] Iltutmish

17. The Indian classical music work Ragdarpan was translated into Persian during the reign of
[a] Shahjahan
[b] Akbar
[c] Firuz Tughlaq
[d] Muhammad bin Tughlaq

18. The Indian Institute of Horticulture Research is located at which among the following ?
[a] Bhopal
[b] Ranchi
[c] Shimla
[d] Bangalore

19. The treaty of Seaguli defined the relation of British India with which among the following neighbours ?
[a] Afghanistan
[b] Nepal
[c] Burma
[d] Sri Lanka

20. The Regulation XVII passed by the British Government was related to
[a] Abolition of Slavery
[b] Suppression of Thugs
[c] Abolition of Caste System
[d] Abolition of Sati

21. The Sarabandhi Campaign of 1922 was led by
[a] Sukhdev
[b] C.R. Das
[c] Motilal Nehru
[d] Vallabhbhai Patel

22. Digital India Programme was launched on
[a] 2014
[b] 2015
[c] 2016
[d] 2017

23. Indian Government issued Dowry Prohibition Act in the year
[a] 1961
[b] 1964
[c] 1965
[d] 1967

24. Where was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted ?
[a] New York
[b] London
[c] Paris
[d] Zurich

25. Who among the following was the Chairman of Fundamental Rights Sub-committee of Constituent Assembly ?
[a] Rajendra Prasad
[b] J.B. Kripalani
[c] B.R. Ambedkar
[d] Jawahar Lal Nehru

26. Which of the following Article empowers the President to appoint Prime Minister of India ?
[a] Article – 75
[b] Article – 76
[c] Article – 84
[d] Article – 77

27. Who among the following did not serve as the Vice-President before becoming President of India ?
[a] Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
[b] R. Venkataraman
[c] Neelam Sanjeev Reddy
[d] Dr. Zakir Hussain

28. ‘Pipavav’ in Gujarat is best known for which among the following ?
[a] India’s first ship breaking yard
[b] India’s first private port
[c] India’s first oil refinery
[d] None of the above

29. At which place Alakananda and Bhagirathi meets and take name Ganga ?
[a] Haridwar
[b] Kashi
[c] Varanasi
[d] Devaprayag

30. In which river India’s largest riverine Island Majuli is situated ?
[a] Brahmaputra
[b] Yamuna
[c] Kaveri
[d] Mahanadi

31. Which of the following dam is not on the river Krishna ?
[a] Nagarjuna Sagar
[b] Almatti
[c] Krishnaraja Sagar
[d] Srisailam

32. Maulavi Ahammadullah led the 1857 Revolt in
[a] Kanpur
[b] Faizabad
[c] Jagadishpur
[d] Awadh

33. The Wahabi and Kuka movements witnessed during the Viceroyality of
[a] Lord Dalhousie
[b] Lord Curzon
[c] Lord Hardinge
[d] Lord Mayo

34. National Human Rights Commission is formed in
[a] 1993
[b] 1996
[c] 1997
[d] 1998

35. Which programme given the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ ?
[a] 3rd Five Year Plan
[b] 4th Five Year Plan
[c] 5th Five Year Plan
[d] 6th Five Year Plan

36. Which one of the following was launched with the objective of helping the poor in rural areas to become self employed ?
[b] DPAP
[c] IRDP
[d] DDP

37. Which of the following is the regulator of the credit rating agencies in India ?
[a] RBI
[b] SEBI
[c] SBI
[d] ICRA

38. Who proposed the Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution ?
[a] B.R. Ambedkar
[b] Mahatma Gandhi
[c] Jawahar Lal Nehru
[d] B. N. Rao

39. NITI Aayog the new name of Planning Commission established in the year
[a] 2010
[b] 2012
[c] 2014
[d] 2015

40. Headquarter of Bharatiya Mahila Bank
[a] Mumbai
[b] Delhi
[c] Calcutta
[d] Hyderabad

41. Joint Military Exercise of India and Nepal
[a] Mitra Shakti
[b] Maitree
[c] Surya Kiran
[d] Imbax

42. Kirobo is the world’s first talking robot. It was developed by
[a] USA
[b] Japan
[c] China
[d] Canada

43. Bhimbetka famous for Rock Shelters and Cave Painting located at
[a] Uttar Pradesh
[b] Rajasthan
[c] Punjab
[d] Madhya Pradesh

44. India’s Largest National Park Hemis situated in
[a] Jammu Kashmir
[b] Himachal Pradesh
[c] Punjab
[d] Rajasthan

45. The Union Territory that scatters in three states
[a] Chandigarh
[b] Delhi
[c] Puducherry
[d] Dadra and Nagar Haveli

46. Who recommended formation of Unilingual State of Punjab for Punjabi speaking people ?
[a] JVP Commission
[b] Shah Commission
[c] Dhar Commission
[d] Fazal Ali Commission

47. Who among the following were popularly known as ‘Red Shirts’ ?
[a] Followers of Rani Gaidiliu
[b] Members of Forward bloc
[c] Congress Socialist
[d] Khudai Khidmatgars

48. Which of the following exercised profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution ?
[a] The Government of India Act, 1935
[b] British Constitution
[c] US Constitution
[d] Irish Constitution

49. From where was India’s Multipurpose Telecommunication Satellite INSAT-2E-launched ?
[a] Sriharikota
[b] Thumba
[c] Kourou
[d] Baikanour

50. First Hydro-Electric Power Plant in India
[a] Shimla
[b] Darjeeling
[c] Karnataka
[d] Bhopal

51. India’s first jute mill was founded in 1854 in
[a] Bihar
[b] Kapurthala
[c] Odisha
[d] Rishra

52. The Governor General who brought General Service Enlistment Act
[a] Lord Canning
[b] Lord Wavell
[c] Lord Curzon
[d] Lord Lytton

53. Which of the following European officers defeated Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi during the Revolt of 1857 ?
[a] Colonel Saunders
[b] General Hugh Rose
[c] Colin Campell
[d] James Outram

54. The most largest tribal rebellion in British India was
[a] Munda uprising
[b] Kol uprising
[c] Santhal uprising
[d] Paharia uprising

55. The world book fest of 2017 held at
[a] Ranchi
[b] Kohima
[c] Raipur
[d] Dehradun

56. The author of ‘The Quest For A World Without Hunger’
[a] M.S. Swaminathan
[b] Amartya Sen
[c] Jayprakash Narayan
[d] Ram Manohar Lohia

57. The cyclone that was formed in Bay of Bengal on May 2017
[a] Sagar
[b] Nargis
[c] Mora
[d] Ockhi

58. The country that handover the historical digital record ‘Monsoon Correspondence’ to India
[a] Spain
[b] Portugal
[c] France
[d] Russia

59. The venue of the World Economic Forum - 2017
[a] Geneva
[b] Paris
[c] Zurich
[d] Davos

60. Shalimar Garden at Srinagar was raised by
[a] Jahangir
[b] Shahjahan
[c] Akbar
[d] Aurangazeb

61. Which among the following is the verb form of ‘Courage’ ?
[a] Courageous
[b] Encourage
[c] Courage
[d] Bravery

62. Pick out the faminine word of ‘Horse’.
[a] Bitch
[b] Mule
[c] Mare
[d] Roe

63. Change the sentence into indirect speech “What is your name ?” asked the policeman.
[a] The policeman asked me what my name was.
[b] The policeman asked me what was my name.
[c] The policeman asked me whether what my name is.
[d] The policeman asked me what is my name.

64. Raju has ______ motives in collecting funds for poor people.
[a] monitary
[b] monetary
[c] montiary
[d] monitory

65. We were _____ Bangalore for three years.
[a] in
[b] at
[c] on
[d] of

66. Pick out the opposite word of ‘alleviate’.
[a] aggrevate
[b] aggregate
[c] adoption
[d] aggravate

67. Choose the meaning of the idiom ‘Bone of Contention’.
[a] unexpected and unpleasant
[b] subject of dispute or quarrel
[c] with ideas too advanced
[d] zenith of anger or excitement

68. Pick out the synonym of ‘whet’.
[a] scrape
[b] breathe
[c] sharpen
[d] kill

69. The girls as well as the teacher ______ visited the orphanage.
[a] has
[b] have
[c] was
[d] is

70. Find out the adverb.
Ramu is so weak but he runs fast.
[a] weak
[b] runs
[c] Ramu
[d] fast

71. Let us sing a song. ______ ?
[a] doesn’t we
[b] don’t we
[c] shall we
[d] don’t us

72. ______ pen you want is out of stock.
[a] An
[b] The
[c] A
[d] None

73. Pick out the passive form of ‘Sita has bought a pen’.
[a] A pen was bought by Sita
[b] A pen is bought by Sita
[c] A pen has been bought by Sita
[d] A pen has been buying by Sita

74. Spot the one word for a person punished for the mistake of others.
[a] Adept
[b] Iconoclast
[c] Scapegoat
[d] Eccentric

75. The meaning of the phrasal verb ‘call on’.
[a] shout
[b] visit
[c] cancel
[d] remember

76. Choose the correct sentence.
[a] Jeena had passed the examination in 1997.
[b] Jeena have passed the examination in 1997.
[c] Jeena passed the examination in 1997.
[d] Jeena was passed the examination in 1997.

77. ______ you touch the ceiling ?
[a] Shall
[b] Can
[c] Will
[d] Would

78. Choose the correct spelling.
[a] bouquit
[b] bouquet
[c] boquet
[d] bauquet

79. Complete the following sentence :
If you worked hard, _______ .
[a] you will pass the examination
[b] you had passed the examination
[c] you would pass the examination
[d] you would have passed the examination

83. Janaki and Janu can do a piece of work in 8 days. Janaki alone can do it in 12 days. How long would Janu take to do the same work ?
[a] 22 days
[b] 20 days
[c] 26 days
[d] 24 days

84. If 45% of the students in a school are boys and no. of girls is 1100, find out the no. of boys.
[a] 900
[b] 1500
[c] 1350
[d] 2000

85. One sixth of a certain number decreased by 5 is equal to 2. Find the number.
[a] 12
[b] 18
[c] 30
[d] 42

87. The average of three numbers is 20. If each of these numbers is doubled, what is the average ?
[a] 20
[b] 40
[c] 10
[d] 30

88. Find the compound interest on ` 2,000 for 2 years at 15% per annum compounded annually.
[a] 645
[b] 735
[c] 900
[d] 1000

89. If cost price of 25 books is equal to selling price of 20 books, then calculate the gain or loss percent.
[a] 80
[b] 20
[c] 25
[d] 50

91. If in a certain language RANGE is coded as 12345, then find the code for ANGER.
[a] 23451
[b] 14352
[c] 23154
[d] 12453

92. Which is the odd one : 8, 27, 16, 64 ?
[a] 64
[b] 27
[c] 16
[d] 8

93. It was FRIDAY on 4th December, 2015. What was the day on 4th December, 2016 ?
[a] Monday
[b] Saturday
[c] Friday
[d] Sunday

94. If a mirror image shows 11.15, what is the exact time ?
[a] 2.45
[b] 12.45
[c] 9.15
[d] 10.45

95. Brick : House; Protein : ______
[a] Fish
[b] Body
[c] Milk
[d] Soyabean

96. If A stands for +, B stands for –, C stands for ¥, then what is the value of (10C4) A (4C4) – 6 ?
[a] 50
[b] 20
[c] 56
[d] 60

97. Pointing to a man, a woman said his mother is the only daughter of my mother. How is the woman related to the man ?
[a] Grandmother
[b] Daughter
[c] Mother
[d] Sister

99. Arjun turned left after walking 10 m and covered a distance of 6 m, then turned right and covered a distance of 20 m. In the end, he was moving towards the west. From which direction did Arjun start his journey ?
[a] North
[b] East
[c] South
[d] West

100. Find the angle made by the minute hand in 50 minutes.
[a] 300
[b] 240
[c] 200
[d] 320
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