Assistant Stenographer Confidential Assistant LD Typist Exam on 26 Jul 2018

Assistant Stenographer Confidential Assistant LD Typist Exam on 26 Jul 2018

1. The SAT hospital of Thiruvananthapuram was built in memory of :
[a] Prince Avittam Thirunal
[b] Sri Aayilyam Thirunal
[c] Sri Uthradam Thirunal
[d] Raja Kesava Das

2. 'viz.' is the abbreviation of:
[a] 'v' or 'z'
[b] 'v' to 'z'
[c] vide in zero
[d] videlicet

3. The size of newly introduced Indian Rs. 2000 is
[a] 65 mm x 165 mm
[b] 166 mm x 66 mm
[c] 65 mm x 164 mm
[d] 66 mm x 165 mm

4. The full form of GST is
[a] Goods and Sales Tax
[b] Government Service Tax
[d] Government Sales Tax
[d] Goods and Service Tax

5. Pressing the key 'Alt+Z' inside the print dialogue box, in MS-Word, is used for selecting
[a] Number of copies
[b] Select printer
[c] Selecting current page
[d] Page size

6. Which of the following keys to be pressed for getting double underline to a selected text in MS-Word
[a] Ctrl + Shift + U
[b] Ctrl + Shift + D
[c] Ctrl + Shift + L
[d] Ctrl + Shift + N

7. How many shift lock key/s are there in typewriter?
[a] 1
[b] 2
[c] 3
[d] 4

8. In a Typewriter, main spring is situated in:
[a] Middle
[b] Left inside
[c] under universal bar
[d] Right inside

9. In a typewriter, there are ___ line space adjustments
[a] 2
[b] 3
[c] 4
[d] 5

10. Which is the dead key in Malayalam typewriter?
[a] Underscore
[b] Comma
[c] Chandrakkala
[d] Hyphen

11. Capital of Venad was
[a] Kottayam
[b] Kollam
[c] Kozhikode
[d] None of these

12. In a typewriter, Paper release lever is also called
[a] Paper holder
[b] Paper feeder
[c] Paper guide
[d] Paper ajuster

13. The scientific method of operating the typewriter is called
[a] Sight method
[b] Shift system
[c] Touch system
[d] None of these

14. HOw many window's can be active at a time?
[a] 1
[b] 2
[c] 3
[d] No limit

15. In spread sheet, the cell address of 6th row, 3rd column is represented by
[a] F6
[b] C6
[c] 6C
[d] F3

16. Relating to Printer, DPI stands for
[a] Details Per Index
[b] Dot Per Index
[c] Dot Per Inch
[d] Details Per Inch

17. GUI stands for
[a] Graphical User Interface
[b] Graphical Utility Information
[c] Graphical Utility Interface
[d] Graphical Utility Interactive

18. The instruction 'by hand' on an envelope is to be written
[a] Top Centre
[b] Top right corner
[c] Top left corner
[d] Bottom left

19. Main Spring in a typewriter is used for
[a] move the carriage towards right
[b] move the carriage towards left
[c] step by step movement of the carriage
[d] getting sluggish movement

20. The capital letter D stands for
[a] 100
[b] 250
[c] 500
[d] 1000

21. In a typewriter 'Pattern' is also known as
[a] Chord
[b] Carriage
[c] Cylinder
[d] Main Spring

22.Which of the following is a nuclear powered submarine of Indian Navy?
[a] INS Shalki
[b] INS Chakra
[c] INS Samaravir
[d] INS Shishumar

23. FEMA is the abbreviation of
[a] Foreign Emergency Management Act
[b] Foreign Emergency Maintenance Act
[c] Foreign Exchange Management Act
[d] Foreign Exchange Maintenance Act

24. In which year The Consumer Portection Act came into effect?
[a] 1984
[b] 1985
[c] 1980
[d] 1987

25. Before nationalising the name of SBI was
[a] National Bank of India
[b] Industrial Bank of India
[c] United Bank of India
[d] Imperial Bank of India

26. Slowing the decision taking due to procedural formalities can be called
[a] red-tapism
[b] disposition
[c] governance
[d] None of these

27. Which sign is to be used at the end of the abbreviation?
[a] colon
[b] comma
[c] full stop
[d] semi-colon

28. The average number of jobs a computer can perform in a given time is termed as
[a] input
[b] output
[c] throughput
[d] scheduling

29. Pressing the keys 'Ctrl+home' in a document causes
[a] the cursor to reach the top
[b] the cursor to reach the end
[c] the cursor to reach the middle
[d] to select the whole document

30. Protecting the data from unauthorized access is called
[a] accessibility
[b] data storing
[c] encapsulation
[d] data security

31. With the help of assembler the source programme converts into
[a] link programme
[b] object programme
[c] executable programme
[d] None of these

32. Bandwidth is related to
[a] speed
[b] distortion
[c] frequency
[d] None of these

33. The special text that is preinted at the top of each page is called
[a] footer
[b] Heading
[c] Header
[d] Border

34.Pressing Ctrl+Shift+A in MS-Word to a selected text gives result of
[a] All capital letters
[b] All small letters
[c] All small capital
[d] Toggle case

35. Drawing two parallel transverse line across the face of a cheque is called
[a] approving
[b] cancelling
[c] endorsing
[d] crossing

36. When the Reserve Bank increases the Cash Reserve Ratio, the lending capacity of all commercial banks
[a] Increases
[b] decreases
[c] remains no change
[d] None of these

37. The first commercially successful typewriter was invented by
[a] Issac Pitman
[b] Charles Babbage
[c] Christopher Sholes
[d] Hansen

38.In terms of memory the letter K represents
[a] 1024 bits
[b] 1000 bits
[c] 1000 bytes
[d] 1024 bytes

39. Which of the following is to be used for moving the cursor word-by-word in MS-Word?
[a] Ctrl+left/right arrow keys
[b] Alt + Left/right arrow keys
[c] Ctrl+tab+left/right arrow keys
[d] Alt+tab+left/right arrow keys

40. Which of the following is accounting software?
[a] MS-Word
[b] MS-Access
[c] Tally
[d] PowerPoint

41. A microsecond is
[a] Thousandth of second
[b] Thousandth of a milisecond
[c] Thousand times of millisecond
[d] Thousand times of a second

42. After a question mark leave ____ space/s
[a] one
[b] two
[c] three
[d] no space

43. The 'Drop Cap' function is available in ___ menu
[a] Table
[b] Mailing
[c] Layout
[d] Format

44. Which of the following shortcut keys can be used for 'open fonts dialog box'?
[a] Ctrl + F
[b] Ctrl + D
[c] Ctrl + Shift + D
[d] Ctrl + Shift + F

45. Typewriter cylinder cannot be made by using ___ type rubbers.
[a] soft
[b] medium
[c] hard
[d] elastic

46. The connecting device between mainspring and carriage is
[a]Pinon wheel
[b] Rigid dog
[c] Draw band
[d] Loose Dog

47. The Roman Numeral conversion of the number 999 is
[a] IM
[b] CMIC

48. The '/' sign in a manuscript indicates
[a] to insert the word 'the'
[b] delete a word
[c] next paragraph
[d] None of these

49. In excel, the address of an active cell displays in
[a] Menu bar
[b] Formula har
[c] Status bar
[d] Tool bar

50. The complimentary close of a business letter is
[a] Yours Truly
[b] Yours Sincerely
[c] Yours Respectfully
[d] Yours Faithfully

51. The first Satyagraha of Gandhiji for the cause of Indigo farmers was observed at
[a] Ahmedabad
[] Sabarmati
[c] Bardoli
[d] Champaran

52. The highest battle field in the world is
[a] Nefa
[b] Siachen Glacier
[c] Jaisalmer
[d] Silliguri

53. The Indo-Pak war in which Bangladesh was liberated as an independent country:
[a] 1948 war
[b] 1965 war
[c] 1971 war
[d] 1999 war

54. The Muslim League started demanding a separate nationa for the Muslims from the year
[a] 1940
[b] 1925
[c] 1929
[d] 1919

55. Which was the first headquarters of the Portuguese in India?
[a] Kappad
[b] Goa
[c] Cochin
[d] Kozhikkode

56. The most literate district in India is
[a] Pathanamthitta
[b] North Arcot
[c] Alirajpur
[c] Selchip

57. Which one of the following is the longest highway of India?
[a] NH-7
[b] NH-1
[c] NH-213
[d] NH-47

58. What is the unit of measuring noise pollution?
[a] Millibar
[b] Decibel
[c] Centimetre
[d] Decimetre

59. Which one of the following is not a non-conventional source of energy
[a] Wave power
[b] Tidal power
[c] Geothermal energy
[d] Natural gas

60. Malabar cement factory is in
[a] Vadakara, Kozhikkode
[b] Chavakkad, Thrissur
[c] Valayar, Palakkad
[d] Angamali, Ernakulam

61. Which among the following is the first travel account in Malayalam?
[a] Bilathi Visesham
[b] Varthamana Pusthakam
[c] Njan Oru Pudiya Lokam Kandu
[d] Amerikkayil Poya Katha

62. The nature of India as a Secular State:
[a] Pro-religions
[b] Irreligions
[c] Equal respect to all religions
[d] Anti-religions

63. All of the following are Dravidian Languages, except:
[a] Marathi
[b] Malayalam
[c] Telugu
[d] Kannada

64. Kerala Institute of Local Administration KILA is situated
[a] Malapuram
[b] Kozhikkode
[c] Thiruvananthapuram
[d] Thrissur

65. Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) is situated
[a] Malappuram
[b] Kozhikkode
[c] Thiruvananthapuram
[d] Thrissur

66. Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India, previously had served as the Governor of
[a] Uttar Pradesh
[b] Bihar
[c] Vizhinjam
[d] Kayamkulam

67. Sabarigiri hydroelectric project is on which river?
[a] Periyar
[b] Kunthi
[c] Kallada
[d] Pamba

68. The controller of Indian capital market is
[a] SBI
[b] SEBI
[c] RBI

69. Which one of the following is known as the 'King of Metals'?
[a] Gold
[b] Iron
[c] Cobalt
[d] Platinum

70. The birthday of, who of the following is celebrated as National Youth Day (January 12)?
[a] Mahatma Gandhi
[b] Sardar Patel
[c] Swami Vivekananda
[d] Sarojini Naidu

71. According to recent studies, which country is world's safest country for a baby to be born?
[a] India
[b] Pakistan
[c] Japan
[d] Argentina

72. Jacinda Ardern is the Prime Minister of
[a] Australia
[b] New Zealand
[c] France
[d] Norway

73. Which is the film recelntly banned by Pakistan, as it promote black magic, some non-Islamic sentiments?
[a] Pari
[b] Kalyanam
[c] Jaane Kyun De Yarron
[d] Kala Viplavam Pranayam

74. The name of ambitious project to reform public health sector introduced by Kerala Government is
[a] Sadgamaya
[b] Prathyasha
[c] Haritha Mission
[d] Aardram Mission

75. India's First National Park for differently abled people started in the city of
[a] Hyderabad
[b] Mumbai
[c] Kolkata
[d] Chennai

76. Which of the second official language of the state of Telangana?
[a] Telugu
[b] Urdu
[c] Hindi
[d] Tamil

77. Who is the present Chief MInister of Tripura?
[a] Manik Sarkar
[b] Besarath Deb
[c] Biplab Kumar Deb
[d] Tathagata Roy

78. Who is the youngest Indian girl won two gold medals at the International Shooting Spot Federation (ISSF) World Cup in Mexico?
[a] Yashaswini Singh Deswal
[b] Manu Bhaker
[c] Celine Goverville
[d] Apurvi Chandela

79. Who is the Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog?
[a] Arvind Panagaria
[b] Amitabh Kant
[c] Dr. Rajiv Kumar
[d] Shri Bibek Debroy

80. The film Ottamuri Velicham directed by
[a] Rahul Riji Nair
[b] VC Abhilash
[c] Lijo Jose Pellissery
[d] Mahesh Narayanan

81. The bilateral air axercise between India and Britain is known as

82. Who is the present Central Minister in charge of Civil Aviation?
[a] Ashok Gajapati Raju
[b] Suresh Prabhu
[c] Nitin Gadkari
[d] Piyush Goel

83. Gary old man wins the best actor Oscar 2018, for his performance as Winston Churchil in
[a] Shape of water
[b] Three Bill boards outside Ebbing Missouri
[c] Darkest Hour
[d] Call me by your name

84. Which is the first forest produce that has received Geographical Indication tag?
[a] Kanjiram
[b] Kanikkonna
[c] Bamboo
[d] Nilambur Teak

85. Who is teh winner of the Vayalar Award, 2017?
[a] UK Kumaran
[b] TD Ramakrishnan
[c] Subhash Chandran
[d] KR Meera

86. Sree Narayana Guru Founded the Advaita Ashram at
[a] Chempazhanthi
[b] Aruvippuram
[c] Aluva
[d] Kalavancode

87. 'Adi Bhasha' is a research work in the field of linguistics, written by
[a] Vagbhatananda
[b] Chattampi Swamikal
[c] Brahmananda Shivayogi
[d] Sri Narayana Guru

88. Who raised the slogan 'No Caste, No REligion, No God for human being'?
[a] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[b] Sree Narayana Guru
[c] Vaikunda Swamikal
[d] Ayyankali

89. Who is the founder of CMI Church (Carmelite of Mary Immaculate)?
[a] Polkayil Yohannan
[b] Kuria Kose Elias Chavara
[c] Pampady John Joseph
[d] Herman Gundert

90. In which year the play 'Adukkalayil Ninnum Arangathekku' published?
[a] 1929
[b] 1931
[c] 1982
[d] 1919

91. Who is the founder of 'Chirayankil Taluk Musilm Samajam'?
[a] Muhammed Abdul Rahiman
[b] Makti Thangal
[c] Vakkam Abdul Khadir Moulavi
[d] Moidu Maulavi

92. In which year Vaikunta Swamikal organised 'Samatva Samajam'?
[a] 1836
[b] 1846
[c] 1850
[d] 1830

93. In 1959, who was given the title 'Bharat Kesari' by the President of India?
[a] Swadeshabhimani Ramkrishnapilla
[b] Pandit KP Karuppan
[c] VT Bhattathirippad
[d] Mannath Padmanabhan

94. Who formed Ezhava Mahasabha?
[a] Sree Narayan Guru
[b] Dr. Palpu
[c] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[d] Kumaranasan

95. The birth place of Sahodaran Ayyappan was
[a] Cherai
[b] Veganoor
[c] Kollur
[d] Panmana

96. Jathikkummi is the first criticised caste system was written by
[a] Kumara Gurudevam
[b] Thaikkad Ayya
[c] Pandit KP Karuppan
[d] Vaikunda Swamikal

97. Who was the founder of Cheramar Maha Sabha in 1921?
[a] Pandit KP Karuppan
[b] Poikayil Yohannan
[c] Kuriakose Elias Chavara
[d] Pampady John Joseph

98. In which year Paliyam Satyagraha was organised?
[a] 1947
[b] 1924
[c] 1931
[d] 1937

99. Representation given to the Raja of Travancore requesting deserving jobs to qualified Malayaless in government service is known as
[a] Ezhava Memorial
[b] The Nivarthana Agitation
[c] Malayali Memorial
[d] The Nair Representations

100. 'Kadora Koodaram' is the first work written by the social reformer:
[a] Muhammed Abdu Rahiman
[b] C Kesavan
[c] Kuramban Daivathan
[d] Makti Thangal
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