Today in Indian History - 26 Mar 2019

26-March-1918 - Vanavihari B.N. Sundara Rao, great author and journalist, was born at Varthur, Bangalore.

26-March-1931 - New Delhi replaces Calcutta as capital of British-Indies.

26-March-1938 - Laxminath Bezbarua, great littearateur of modern Assamia language, passed away.

26-March-1942 - Indira Gandhi, third Prime Minister of India, was married to Feroze Gandhi.

26-March-1969 - Romesh Chandra, secretary general of the World Peace Council, receives the Lenin prize.

Today in Indian History - 25 Mar 2019

25-March-1609 - Henry Hudson embarks on an exploration for Dutch East India Co. at Pulicat.

25-March-1898 - Swami Vivekanand accepted Sister Nivedita as his disciple.

25-March-1898 - Dalpatrai (Dalpatram Dahyabhai Trawadi), modern Gujrati poet, passed away.

25-March-1905 - Mirza Rasid Ali Baig, famous Indian politician, was born.

25-March-1911 - L. D. Swamikannu publishes "Manual of Indian Chronology" in Bombay.

Today in Indian History - 24 Mar 2019

24-March-1307 - Malik Kafur, Alauddin Khilji's Commander, won the impregnable fort of Devgiri. The fort was entered by the enemy. Raja Ramdeva was taken prisoner and sent to Delhi where Alauddin recieved him untill his death in 1312.

24-March-1855 - First long distance telegram message was opened between Agra and Calcutta at a distance of 1,300 km.

24-March-1896 - Thiripad V. T. Bhatt, author and journalist, was born.

24-March-1902 - Anusilan Samiti, a revolutionary organisation, was formed in Bengal.

24-March-1924 - Virendrakumar Bhattacharya, Gyanpeeth award winner and Assamia novelist, was born.

Today in Indian History - 23 Mar 2019

Today in Indian History - 23 Mar 2019

23-March-1351 - Firuz Shah Tughluq(1351-88), nephew of  Muhammad Tughluq, succeded as emperor of Delhi.

23-March-1596 - Chandbibi made treaty with Murad and gave 'Varhad' area to Mughals.

23-March-1757 - Lord Clive conquered  Chandranagar after defeating the French troops.

23-March-1898 - Nalinibala Devi, Assamia poet, was born.

23-March-1910 - Dr. Ram Manohar Hiralal Lohia also known as "Dauntless Dr. Lohia", freedom fighter and socialist leader, was born at Akbarpur, district Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. He had founded Praja Socialist Party in 1952.

50 Important General Knowledge Question and Answers 14 |

1. What is the name of the pigment which helps animal to see in dim light? - Rhodopsin
2. The transformer works on which principle -  Electromagnetic induction
3. What is the oil of vitriol? -  Sulphuric Acid
4. Which is the most effective test to determine AIDS? - Western blot test
5. What is manufactured using Bessemer process? - Steel 

Today in Indian History - 22 Mar 2019

22-March-1709 - It is assumed that Goswami Tulsidas started writing his great epic ‘Ramcharitmanas’ in Samvat 1631.

22-March-1739 - Nadir Shah entered Delhi. He gave the signal to one of his soldiers from Sunheri mosque.

22-March-1793 - Lord Cornwallis promulgated permanent settlement in Bengal and Bihar to fix the revenue amounts once and for all to be paid by the zamindars every year.

22-March-1885 - Gulam Yazdani, great archaeologist and critic, was born.

22-March-1893 - Surya Sen, alias Masterda, revolutionary freedom fighter, was born.

Today in Indian History - 21 Mar 2019

Today in Indian History - 21 Mar 2019

21-March-1791 - Tipu Sultan capitulated to Lord Cornwallis.

21-March-1836 - National Library was established.

21-March-1916 - Ustad Bismillah Khan, clarionet Master, was born at Dumraon in Bihar.

21-March-1921 - Indian National Congress decided it's Flag.

21-March-1934 - Buta Singh, former Home Minister of India, was born.